First it was Barbecue Becky. Then it was Permit Patty. Now, it’s Coupon Carl. Morry Matson (center and right), also known as ‘Coupon Carl’, was captured on video calling the police on Camilla Hudson (left) at a CVS in Chicago.

The CVS manager claimed that he didn’t recognize the coupon that Hudson, 53, was trying to use, prompting him to call authorities. ‘It’s a female,’ Matson is heard telling police as he appears to be ‘visibly shaken’. Hudson said she was trying to use the CVS coupon, which was for a free item related to a health issue, at the store located on 6150 N. Broadway in Chicago. When police arrived, they had a brief conversation with Hudson before leaving the store. Matson is a proud Trump supporter who served as a delegate on the now-president’s 2016 campaign.

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