Twitter, Inc., owner of the popular 6-second video app Vine, announced it will shutdown the app as a cost cutting measure. Lets get to the point, here’s a message to any business, musicians, politicians, bands, artist, models, actors, photographers, and etc.. who solely depend on a single platform to promote themselves and communicate with fans or customers:

“You never know when a digital platform (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, SoundCloud, LinkedIn etc..) might implement more restrictive rules, be bought by another company or shut down entirely. When you don’t own and operate your own platforms, you run the risk of losing the impact and presence of your brand, both online and off.” —–Bree Brouwer

Guys and gals, it’s time to get a website for you brand and put an end to having all your eggs in one basket. Twitter, Inc. is running a business for profit. They didn’t care who’s popular on Vine when they made their announcement to shut it down.

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