Washington, DC – December 1, 2017 – Today, the synergy between music and life come together for Swag Muzik with the release of their first album #NextLevel. With a touch of everything Caribbean, Swag Muzik has a collective that brings Pop, R&B, Reggae, Roots and Konpa together in a phenomenal way.

“We want to introduce the world to a different sound that will help people to see that Haitian music comes in a beautiful variety. Together with the help of some great musicians we know that this album can take us to the Next Level,” explains Jodnerson Pierre, also known as Captain-Kiki, producer, lead singer and songwriter.

Based in Washington, DC, Swag Muzik gave the Haitian music industry an appetizer with the release of their first single Cyber Crush featuring Saskya Sky. With that one song the group was able to impress promoters and gain a fan love following that allowed them to perform in several outlets including the Orlando Caribbean Festival, where they created a lingering buzz.
Swag Muzik - NextLevel
Swag Muzik consists of fresh new faces and some familiar musicians that have added to the many facets of the HMI. From Jodanny Petit-Frere, “T-Danje,” as the keyboardist and producer, to the band’s manager Dieufene Point-Du-Jour, “Jeff-Onelove,” Swag Muzik has been in the studio focused on their originality and expanding their sound to touch bases with every aspect of music as a whole.

“Each of us has a passion and love for music, we want to put that on display and let people feel something, and maybe even inspire others to follow their dreams because right now we are living ours,” says Kiki.

The #NextLevel album features 10 tracks with guest artists like Shedley Abraham, Jean Pierre Rene, Woophy Balde, Saskya Sky and Ogunation, which shows their versatility and displays their talent on different levels.

The release of the album is coupled with the world premiere of their video “Addiction,” one of three new singles off their #NextLevel album.

The album is available on Itunes, Amazon and Spotify as of today.

Closing the year off with excellent music and enchanting visuals, Swag Muzik is excited to see what 2018 holds for them.

For more information about the group, their releases and future performances follow them on every social media platform @Swag_Muzik

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