Miami, Florida – April 10, 2018 – Saskya Sky is known for being edgy and captivating, but it is not only her looks that have taken her far it is the vibrato in her voice, the intensity of her lyrics and the passion of every note she sings.

“Chimen Lanmou” is her new single and Saskya is excited to feed her fans what they have been hungry for. “Chimen Lanmou,” has a cool vibe to it – it’s youthful, fresh and sexy, but it’s a fun Caribbean pop song,” explains the songstress.

Inspired by her Haitian roots of palm trees, white sand beaches and the pulsating sound of drums, Saskya’s newest single sets the entertainer up to tell an inspiring story.

“I’ve always believed in dreaming bigger and following those dreams to make them reality. I live to inspire everyone and releasing this song just makes it easy to connect with my fans,” says Saskya.

“Chimen Lanmou” is all about the flow of spring and summer wrapped into one. From the words that capture your attention to the fact that the talented Saskya raps on the song, it charms even the hardest of hearts.

As a Cap-Haitian native, Saskya left Haiti in 2002 in search of that American Dream that she imagined as a child and for the first time in almost two decades the prodigal daughter is returning to her hometown to do some community work, visit her old school and speak to students about setting goals and knowing that they are definitely attainable.

“I know about adversity, about being discouraged more than encouraged and I want to motivate young people to see the bigger picture and know that they can create their every desire by working hard and never stopping,” says Saskya.

“Chimen Lanmou” is available on Soundcloud with a lyric video also available on YouTube –

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