Miami FL, October 13, 2016 – It’s Kreyòl month and what better way to celebrate than to indulge in some of the best stories in the last couple of years reshaping creole literature in the most subtle way. Don. D. William is the answer to your prayers.

Born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, he has been in the USA since 1997. He’s not just an author, but also a speaker and a creative poet. He’s the founder of MaxPro Services LLC, a for profit Property Management firm. However, despite his busy schedule, his free time has been punctuated toward writing, his passion. His debut short stories collection, GEN PAWOL PA GEN BOUCH was released in June 2016. He’s a proud member of NAAHP, Sosyete Koukouy of Miami and he’s a contributor to the growing blog Don recently finalized his fiction novel titled “FLECH PALMIS PA FIZI” where he expresses himself in a manner to inspire. Don D. William lives in West Orange, New Jersey.

Don’s motto: “Life isn’t perfect, and if it throw a rough hand at us, it’s up to each of us to alter it.”
Alter your imagination by getting your hands on some of his recent works pictured below.

Don is available for any written or radio press. Please contact us or visit his website for more juicy details.

Media Contact: Atizan International
Phone: 786-942-6408 / 954-548-4842
Email address: [email protected]

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