New Movie “Cause & Effect” to Premiere Dec. 20


Life can be a hard pill to swallow in daily basis. We’re consumed with regrets, failure and insecurities that plague our line of thoughts and control our action. We are overwhelmed by situations we cannot changed and things we wish we could take back. We experience heartbreak, loss and fear, along with betrayal, jealously and bad memories. “Only if life was that easy” But in this case, William is a hard working man, married to he’s beautiful wife for 6 years and they have two beautiful kids Because he absences and lack of attention toward he’s wife, she left him for another man. He’s life will never be the same again.

In the other hand Drovan short for (dro), loved he’s wife dearly, they’ve been married for 2 years and have a beautiful daughter together. His wife was not happy due to the fact that he is selling drug. He couldn’t find a job because of his criminal background. When his wife was dying with cancer she make him promise not to sell drugs to take care of his daughter and he kept his promise, Little did he know searching for a job can be very dangerous.

Brick Da General, Gesley Alexis, Gilbert Pierre, Kervens Pierre, Lovaida Vincent, Sandro Saint fleur​

Director(s): Gilbert Pierre and Sandro Saint fleur
Producer(s): Gilbert Pierre and Sandro Saint fleur
Studio: Jacob Boys Production
Writer(s): Gesley Alexis, Gilbert Pierre, Sandro Saint fleur

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