Mother’s Day Fundraiser to benefit L’Asile Communal in Haiti

    Deputy Mayor of Port-au-prince & Institution du Sacre Coeur to raise funds for sole elderly shelter in Haiti, L’Asile Communal de Port-au-Prince.


    Port-au-Prince, Haiti – May 5, 2017 – The Honorable Kettyna Bellabe, Deputy Mayor of Port-au-Prince, Haiti is spearheading a Mother’s Day event on May 27 and May 28, 2017, alongside the Institution du Sacre Coeur Class of 1983 – 1996, to raise funds for the only public center elderly shelter in Haiti, L’Asile Communal de Port-au-Prince.

    Built in 1922, under the occupation of Americans, L’Asile Communal was operated by a Catholic congregation until political problems left the facility with several different directors and after the January 12, 2010 earthquake left only rubble behind after a collapse. Abandoned by their love ones and/or found roaming the streets alone, these elders who live at L’Asile Communal, are brought to the shelter to be protected from the elements, the heat, cold nights and lack of security on the streets of Haiti, but because of negligence throughout the years the building has suffered tremendously.

    “The conditions of the shelter were deplorable when we first came to visit, it was so hard to see these senior citizens living their last few years in a place that had a lack of medication in their pharmacy and no running water in their bathrooms. We need to do better and with this fundraiser we will,” explained Deputy Mayor Bellabe.

    L’Asile Communal has suffered from a lack of attention. From the kitchen area to the bedrooms and halls, the facility is in need of a massive facelift. For a little over eight months, the Deputy Mayor has made it her mission to start revitalizing the building one project at a time.

    The Mother’s Day Weekend Celebration is a fundraising event that will take place on May 27 and May 28, 2017 at the center itself.

    “We want people to directly see where their help is going and we also want to bring some joy and excitement to the citizens at the shelter,” elaborates Deputy Mayor Bellabe.

    The funds collected during the two-day event will benefit the residents in several ways. From purchasing solar panels to provide long-term electricity to the facility, to having a mobile dental clinic on-site to give everyone a personal check-up. A new recreation area and cafeteria will be created and refrigerators will be purchased to keep food safe and fresh. The Class of 1983-1996 students and the community as well that have already helped the Deputy Mayor make some much needed changes is also going to open the doors to a number of volunteers coming from all over the world to share their time, company and compassion with these deserving men and women.

    Many activities are planned for the Mother’s Day Fundraiser, including art and music therapy, as well as a beauty clinic to remind the ladies at the shelter how beautiful they are inside and out.

    With the help and commitment of donors and volunteers L’Asile Communal will soon become a comfortable and lovely place for senior citizens to live, play and laugh.

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