More than half a million dollars for the Haitian film “Married Men, The Movie”

The man behind Clearshot Entertainment, Robenson Lauvince, has recently embarked on a project that many consider bold and ambitous. "Married Men", a half-million dollar film that brings together a pleiad of Haitian artists including Flav, Meilan, Richie, Jude Jean, Princess Eud, Fantom, Steeve AKhe, Junior Rigolo, Graphy Jules, Haitian Fresh. This feature film, which was released on July 5, will be released in December 2017. By then, enthusiastic and optimistic, Robenson tells us the details.


With nearly 9 Haitian films to his credit, not to mention the music videos of several music groups and commercials from different companies, Robenson Lauvince embarks on a new adventure by launching “Married Men”, a feature-length film that announces another Turning in the career of this director-producer-actor who emigrated to the United States at the age of 17 years.

$500,000 USD is the overall budget for this feature film, much of which is being put forward by the director’s company while waiting for sponsors to make contact. Robenson is confident and hard working on this project, which he has started over the past four years, to make this film successful and successful. He has ensured that he has a team of professionals at his side who can provide him with quality work, in line with international standards. “I’m sure it will work. This time, I toured Haitian cinema in a completely new way. This film took me longer. More funds too. In addition, the story is different from the one we are used to. The actors have passed the castings and are qualified for their roles, the scenes are shot in appropriate places and settings. For example, we have actually shot in a hospital, on an airplane and even in a prison,” the director said proudly to show the singularity of this production.

Although he does not speak much, he feels excited about “Married Men”. Besides, he plans to make it available on Netflix. “I think this is one of the first times that a Haitian film will be on this platform. And that’s why I’m picky about quality. The film is shot in Creole, but it will also be available in English, Spanish and French, just like any international film, “ he said, aware that he is embarking on a great challenge.

If the story comes from this ace who shared her Film making studies between Art Institute and Palm Beach Film School in the US, the script was written by Rose Saintilian, author and drama teacher. “Married men” assembles personalities and stars of Haitian music. We are talking about artists like Flav, Meilan, Richie, Jude Jean, Princess Eud, Fantom, Steeve Khé, Junior Rigolo, Graphy Jules, Haitian Fresh, but also other actors like Christie Maignan, Belindja Eustache and Cloraindre. “Right from the start, I wanted to work with them because they each corresponded to a character in the film. I told them about the idea, submitted the script and they were all ready to collaborate. And obviously, they are very excited about the project. The difficulty lay in the coordination of their work schedules for filming. Because they are artists with each their own commitments, “explains the one who is also called Roby Rob.

For the time being, the shooting that started in September 2016 is 98% finished. Post-production has already begun. On July 5, in addition to the small shooting videos posted from time to time on social networks, the first teaser of the film came out. Robenson does not hide his satisfaction with the reactions of the public. ” It’s extraordinary. People really enjoyed it. And that gives me even more strength to pursue. ” In addition, original music sung by Jude Jean, Flav and Roby Rob can already be viewed on YouTube. The official trailer of the film is due to be released in November. On 2 and 3 December 2017, in Los Angeles, California, a “private screening” will be organized, which will include members of the Haitian diaspora community, actors, producers of film personalities and some media outlets.

If everything goes well, the premiere of “Married Men” should take place the same month in Haiti. Certainly, there is the problem of piracy, the main scourge of Haitian cinema, but Robenson Lauvince thinks he can find an alternative. “We will use caution and appropriate technical equipment to protect ourselves,” he said, adding that copyright is already reserved. “It is important that the Haitians support the work of their compatriots. It is important to encourage those who strive to sell the image of Haiti in a positive way internationally. I chose not to be among the actors in this film, to show that we do not have to be part of a project to promote it, “explained the Clearshot man who Waits and works for the success of this film on which he puts a lot.

This article is a translation of an original at Le Nouveliste

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