Marlon Lindor continues his quest to improve Haitian image around the world. According to his most recent Facebook post, he will soon craft television content for transmission on the TNH worldwide network.

“IT’S OFFICIAL!!! The General Director of the Haitian government’s TV station Television Nationale D’Haiti(TNH) Gamall Jules Augustin signed a contract with Haitian producer and founder of the “HaitiTourism” Facebook page Marlon Lindor for TV shows produced by Marlon Lindor to be broadcasted on TNH which will soon cover all of Haiti’s 10 departments, part of the Caribbean including Turks and Caicos Islands, The Bahamas, Martinique and also the rest of the world thru Comcast thanks to TNH General Director’s dedication to promote a positive image of Haiti.”

Marlon Lindor Signs Contract to Produce TV Show for TNH

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