MIAMI, FL. – August, 8th 2017 – Written by Jimmy Alez, Gazzman Couleur and Valery Lezin; the track, Anyen pa Rèd (nothing is hard) offers a message of perseverance to anyone who’s currently going through time of tribulation and letting them know; despite difficulty or delay in achieving success, if they continue to work hard and stay consistent, they shall achieve their goals.

“Anyen pa Rèd is my true testament because I never thought that I would be able to one day record a song with one of my favorite artists and mentors, Gazzman Couleur.” ~ Jimmy Alez

Anyen pa Rèd was produced by Sanders Solomon of the Haitian band, Harmonik and recorded at the state of the art studio, Best Definition Studio in Fort Lauderdale, Florida which is a creative pivot for some of the top artists in the Haitian music industry.

No novice to the music industry, Jimmy Alez, born Jimmy Jeantinor in Port-de- Paix, Haiti, has been making music since the age of 12. Jimmy Alez first fell in love with Rap Kreyol and dabbled a little in the genre for a bit. He later landed one of the two lead singing roles alongside, Jean-Michel St. Victor aka Zouzoule in the famous saxophonist, Loubert Chancy’s band, Nu Shah. The band which was supposed to be the rebranded version of the legendary band “Shah Shah # 1 soon disband and Jimmy went on to pursue a solo career. While rap was Jimmy Alez’s first passion, “Anyen pa Red” displays his musical versatility as he seamlessly transitions into Compas.

The single “Anyen pa Rèd” will be made available on all digital platforms upon its release including iTunes, CdBaby, and Amazon.

Jimmy Alez - Anyen pa Red Feat. Gazzman Couleur (Disip)
Jimmy Alez – Anyen pa Red Feat. Gazzman Couleur (Disip)
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