Jethro Decimus is an international music artist, compositor and producer. He was born on the Dutch side of the island Saint-Maarten, in the very heart of the Caribbean, of Haitian descent. Jethro was raised and also received his early education of the French side of the island. Jethro is fluent in French, Creole and English.

The art of music has been park of Jethro’s life since the age of five. However, he began writing and producing his own music in 2012. Through his musical journey, he finds music to impact him in such a profound and meaningful way that often times words seem to be insufficient to express his passion and his inspiration. Some of his musical influences include Bob Marley, Wyclef Jean, Black Alex, and Sara Tavares, among many others.

Jethro loves culture, people and discovering new countries. This love has fueled his passion to help the fortunate, which has led him to participate in many humanitarian works, several places around the world. Helping around the world has inspired Jethro to express himself for the fortunate through music.

Jethro strives to live a lifestyle centered on love, unity, peace, and hope, and these attributes are reflected in his music.

Jethro Decimus has recently released a new music video entitled “M’pa konn Si Nap Chanjé Feat. Mista JET

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