Election 2016? It’s all over for Donald Trump (Mr. Self Infliction)


Well folks, its been really good entertainment, the Donald J. Trump train has reached its destination and the The American People will remain as the losers of this year’s election for president. Losers, not because of Donald J. Trump will lose the election, but because he was a weak candidate and deserves a nickname similar to “Self Infliction” I don’t believe Hillary Clinton had to answer a single question in order to win this election.

Financial Times (FT.Com)

The minute Donald Trump refused to rule out calling this a rigged election, he ceded the final debate. In truth, he had already lost it. But his promise to keep America “in suspense” until November 9 was a doubly self-inflicted blow. Mr Trump’s threat was the electoral version of his sex tape pre-confessions.

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