Cadelouse Pierre claims the song “Deeper” by Vanessa Desire is hers. She said that former rylax lead singer, Charlin Bateau, stole the song and gave it to Vanessa Desire while working with the band.
It all started with a comment from a fan / friend of Cadelouse Pierre

Accusation Charlin Bateau vole mizik (Deeper) Cadelouse Pierre pou li bay Vanessa Desire 2
We asked Cadelouse Pierre how did he get the song and why he chose her to give it to? she replied

“I have no idea”
“I work with Rylax band he left rylax he tought hurting me probably would be a good thing I guess”

Cadelouse Pierre Accused Charlin Bateau (former lead singer of the band Rylax) of Stealing her Song DEEPER and Giving it to Vanessa Desire
Press play pou tande mizik “Deeper” recorded by Vanessa Desire

Cadelouse plans to record her version of the song and release it as part of her first album.

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