Sunday, February 17, 2019
Nu-Look at Hollywood Live in pictures. The event is promotion by Touchem Douce Radio.
These pictures were taken after event: Jeudi L'amour at Chateau Brillant Restaurant and Lounge on January 22, 2015.
Jeudi L'amour PICTURES w/ Flav(Gabel) . Host Dadou Couleur celebrated his birthday with live performances from Flav of Gabel, Keed Coulgi, Jean Foukan and various speeches from co-leagues and poems read by Andre Fouad.
Evenz Neg Okap Theme Haiti Kanaval 2015
Gazman Couleur - Disip / System Band at 1st Klass Cafe .. more pictures are coming soon
Photo: member of Barikad Crew (BC) in the studio to work on Kanaval 2015 track titled "T" Picture: member of Barikad Crew Kondagana, Brital, Izolan Zoe, Bricks Fantom and Fred Hype.thanks to for...
News: Rap kreyol group Krak 06 will soon release their KANAVAL 2015 music titled "Remet Monnen". Krak 06 is based in Cap-Haitien, Haiti.
Pictures from Jeudi L'amour with guest HMI artist Princess Georgy of Zin .