Sunday, February 17, 2019
Video Limena by Disip, lead singer Gazzman Couleur. "Limena" video is directed by Charmy-M and produced by 2BFilm, Inc.
Music by: Tines Salvant "Passage obligè" (Omaj Jean Claude Guillaume)
Music by King Frantz - Freaky Genre: konpa/zouk Producer Executive: Jodanny Petit Frere AKA T-Danje Song Arangement: Alain Sila/ T-Dange Song writer: King Frantz/Alain Silla Lead Vocal: King Frantz Female Vocal: Yole
Listen and download konpa music by Sevolan Mizik - Travay di, wa rekolte
TVice 3 New Songs for you to hear. San Limit, Promes, and Lage Cha A
Kado "Lanmou a Distans" live performance. "Maturite" CD Release event at Club Karu, Fort Lauderdale on Saturday January 20, 2018 presented by BMG (Belizaire Music Group).