Sunday, February 17, 2019
Lyrics / Pawol / Parole : Nu Look "Apparences Trompeuses" from "My Time" Album 2016 "Apparences Trompeuses" Lyrics Arly Lariviere feat. Jean Philippe Martely from KASSAV AL Si n pran tann analize na wè ke se Pa nouvo...
Music by King Frantz - Freaky Genre: konpa/zouk Producer Executive: Jodanny Petit Frere AKA T-Danje Song Arangement: Alain Sila/ T-Dange Song writer: King Frantz/Alain Silla Lead Vocal: King Frantz Female Vocal: Yole
Listen and preview Nu Look's new album "My Time". Here's 3 recently released songs from the Nulook's latest album, lead singer Arly Lariviere, also known as King Arly.
Video DISIP Lanmou Pi Fo -performed by Gazzman Couleur. The official music video is directed by Bnadel Zion of ZionFilmPro-Studio. "Lanmou Pi Fo" is from the Disip's "Klere Yo" album released in 2016....
Listen, stream & download new music by: ROBY ROB FEATURING JUDE JEAN (K-Dans) & FLAV (Gabel) - "MARRIED MEN"
Listen Nu Look’s new song "Until When" from the “My Time” album released in July 2016. Lead singer Arly Lariviere, also known as King Arly. Nu-Look "Until When"
Video Limena by Disip, lead singer Gazzman Couleur. "Limena" video is directed by Charmy-M and produced by 2BFilm, Inc.
Music by: Djakout #1 "Peche" a konpa single released November 18, 2016
Music video by: GABEL Featuring Masterbrain "Pa ka fe Pitit" #PKFP. Video is directed by Smitty of Trillion Productions Photo highlights of the "Pa ka fe pitit" video by Gabel featuring Masterbrain
Listen, stream & download new music single by: SWAG MUZIK featuring Saskya Sky "Cyber Crush", presented by Anbyans Lakay.