Sunday, February 17, 2019
Listen and download music by: Joetime performing "Zen Pete" Featuring rappers Guccy Love and Dasmain_Yeahboii Haiti.
Ras Oscar king - 100% Rasta
Ras Oscar king - Yayad kañero (Kanaval 2018)
Music by: BNN (Brand New Nation)- Plim poul
GDP Music Group Feat. Tony Mix - Pase Pranm (Kanaval 2018) (Nepas Beats) SRMS
Listen and download kanaval 2018 music by: GDP Music Group performing "Pase Pranm" Featuring DJ TonyMix. Nepas Beats SRMS download "Pase Pranm" by GDP Music Group Feat. Tonymix
T-Vice - Limen Brike [Kanaval 2018 Haiti]
Listen and download music by: T-Vice - Limen Brike
RADIYÈS video kanaval 2017 "Chak bwa k'ale sonw danje"
Roody Roodboy "M Pi Wo Pase'w" Kanaval 2017 is comming soon after the 2016 Christmas day. Get ready kanaval fanatics, Haiti's annual kanaval music season is gonna start with a big bang early. Download:...