Olivier Duret, lead singer and founder of HMI band Dat7 to take a break from the band and music. The following is copy of the note released on social media.
Greetings everyone,

I’m sure you guys have heard all of the rumors, gossips, and innuendos circulating in the industry at the moment concerning my whereabouts in Dat7, so allow me to report to you the facts first hand.

I will be taking a pause from my band DAT7, effective immediately. I believe after 2 and half years of work and dedication, I need to take some time for myself away from the band. Not to say that I am quitting music, it’s my passion, it’s my life but I also have other things I need to focus on in my life right now outside of music. I’ve spoken with the entire Dat7 team about my decision and felt out of respect for those that accepted and supported us; I let you know of my decision. That’s all it is right now; nothing more, nothing less.

Thanks to all of the DAT7 fans that supported us, you have no idea how appreciated you are. Thank you to all the media/promoters that ACTUALLY worked with us, you guys kept us going.

One Love!

Dat7, stay tuned, they’ll be right back


Dat7 - Olivier Duret's Note to Fans & Media

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